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The Comet Serial is a Caller ID unit with RS232 serial connectivity. 


It is a Caller ID device for decoding the Caller's telephone number from the telephone line and presenting it on a COM Port of a PC. This product is powered entirely from the serial port. This is a hardware only product and can be used with your existing software to create a fully integrated call management solution.


CTI Comet Serial - User and Development Guide


The Comet Serial is a simple Caller ID product. It does not have Dialled Digit Detection, On Hook/Off Hook monitoring or Call Recording features.




The CTI Comet Serial has many applications. Below are some examples:

  • EPOS terminals in fast food outlets
  • Customer verification for taxi companies
  • Doctors and Dental surgeries
  • Incoming call Logging


Volume Pricing

Quantity discounts are available for volume purchases as follows:

  • 2 off - £123 per unit
  • 5 off - £110 per unit
  • 10 off - £97 per unit
  • 20 off - £87 per unit

    We have introduced 2 specification options for the Comet Serial in terms of the cables which are provided with them:

    The standard Comet pack includes the RS232/Serial cable and an RJ10 to BT Plug cable for use with standard UK telephone lines.

    The new 'VoIP/International' variant contains the USB cable, and the UK/BT telephone cable is replaced with an RJ10 to RJ11 cable for use outside the UK and with Analogue Telephone Adaptors for VoIP lines.

Comet Serial

Excluding VAT
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