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ActiveCID.Net is a .Net Framework 3.5 Component designed for Visual Studio.Net that interfaces with the Comet and makes its functionality easily accessible from other applications.


ActiveCID.Net allows incoming calls to be monitored. Information for incoming calls includes the full BT & cable caller display message. It provides the telephone number of the caller (if available) together with the date&time on the incoming call.


Easy To Use

After downloading the self-extracting zipfile, extracting the contents and installing the software, you can add it to your project using the References option in VisualStudio.Net. Once ActiveCID is available in your project add it to your form, window or class and begin coding.

ActiveCID is supplied with a User Guide and a sample project for Visual Basic - copy and paste into your own application to get immediate results.



ActiveCID driver is only compatible with Visual Studio 2010 or later versions.

ActiveCID for the Comet

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