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The HATI Temperature Sensor produces a pulse output where the pulse frequency is a function of the ambient temperature.

The pulse frequency is relatively low at around 0.4Hz at room temperature and pulse counting over an extended period provides improved accuracy of measurement. With pulse counting over a 30minute period, the temperature measured by the HATI is typically within ± 1.5° Centigrade of that measured by a reference thermocouple.

6-channel Meter Logger Support

HATI Temperature Sensors can be connected to up to 3 of the inputs on the ML6C 6-channel Meter Logger (firmware versions 6C-V1.1 and later). The ML6C automatically converts the pulses into average half-hour & daily temperature readings and generates temperature plots.

Example Temperature Plots

The following half-hour average for a day and daily average for a month temperature plots are generated automatically when the HATI Temperature Sensor is connected to a Meter Logger 6C.

Electrical Specification

Power requirements:

  • 5V ± 5%
  • Current draw ≤ 10mA

Pulse output:

  • Open collector, max voltage 30V
  • Current sink capability: 20 mA
  • Pulse width: 100mS
  • Pulse frequency: temperature dependent

Temperature Measurement Specification

Temperature Range: -10° C to +40° C

Typical Accuracy: ± 1.5° C

(Accuracy specification based on comparison to average temperature measured by a reference thermocouple versus pulses counted over a 30 minute period applying the standard conversion formula)

Dimensions and Environmental

The HATI is 35mm x 35mm x 20mm. It is supplied with a 1m lead, although this can be extended to 5m when connected to a Meter Logger.

The HATI is designed to be compatible with both indoor and outdoor installation. However it should be sited so as to not be exposed to either direct sunlight as this will heat the sensor and effect the measured temperature or direct precipitation as this may damage the electronics.

Delivery Leadtime

Wherever possible, orders are fulfilled from stock. However for larger quantity (5 or more units) orders, a delivery leadtime of 3-4 weeks may be experienced for part or all of the order.

Alternate picture of HATI Temperature Sensor Alternate picture of HATI Temperature Sensor

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