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The Comet Blu is a single line Caller ID unit with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When paired with and connected to a Bluetooth receiver, the Comet Blu can transmit the Caller ID data wirelessly. The content and format of the Caller ID data sent via Bluetooth is the same as that sent via the USB interface.

The following image shows the Caller ID data as received by a Bluetooth Terminal app running on an Android phone:

Delivery Lead Time

Comet Blu is typically built to order and thus orders may typically take 2-4 weeks to fulfil.

Power Supply

The Comet Blu is powered from the USB interface. The unit is supplied with a USB power supply and cable.

USB Interface

The USB interface of the Comet Blu is identical to the CTI Comet USB; see the CTI Comet USB webpage here for detailed information.


The manual for the Comet Blu is available for download here.


The Bluetooth interface on the Comet Blu should be compatible with PC Bluetooth receivers and Android devices. It is not however currently compatible with Apple devices.

Delivery Leadtimes

Wherever possible, orders are fulfilled from stock. However for larger quantity (5 or more units) orders, a delivery leadtime of 4-6 weeks may be experienced for all or part of the order.

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