Caller-ID Convertor (DTMF - FSK)

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The Caller-ID Convertor converts DTMF standard caller ID information into FSK compatible data. This makes it possible to use our Comet USB and Meteor Plus Caller ID units in countries which use the DTMF standard

The Comet USB and Meteor Plus Caller ID units are designed to operate with FSK standard caller ID data. However a number of countries around the world do not use the FSK standard but rather use the DTMF standard instead. Inserting the Caller-ID Convertor between the incoming telephone line and the Comet or Meteor, alows the caller ID information to be decoded.

The Caller-ID Convertor is compact measuring only 67mm x 32mm x 27mm.

Important Notes:

  1. The ActiveCID software is NOT compatible with the data output generated by the Comet and Meteor when connected to the Caller-ID Convertor.
  2. The International telephone cable allows the Comet and Meteor to be connected to non UK phone sockets

Example Caller ID Data Format

An example of the Caller ID data generated by a Comet or Meteor Plus when connected via the Caller-ID Convertor is available for download here.

DTMF Caller ID Countries

The DTMF caller ID standard is used in the following countries:

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