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Monitoring energy consumption using data loggers and sub-meters is the first step in understanding where to save money and reducing your carbon emissions. Learning which appliances are taking the most power can lead to 20 to 25% savings in your electricity bills.

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Meter Logger - 3 input with 15 minute logging Add to Basket
Picture of Meter Logger - 3 input with 15 minute logging

The ML3P-15 is a simple-to-use ethernet connected 3 input pulse data logger which accumulates pulse data in 15 minutes intervals.

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£145.00 ex Vat
£174.00 inc Vat

LED Pulse Sensor Purchase Options
Picture of LED Pulse Sensor

The LED pulse sensor (LPS) picks up the light output pulses from the flashing LED consumption indicator on an energy meter and converts this into an electrical pulse. The electric pulse can then be used in a suitable logger to monitor energy usage.

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From £16.50 ex Vat

HATI Temperature Sensor Add to Basket
Picture of HATI Temperature Sensor

The HATI Temperature Sensor produces a pulse output where the pulse frequency is a function of the ambient temperature.

The HATI is fully supported by the ML6C Meter Logger which automatically generates average half-hour and daily temperature readings.

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£24.00 inc Vat
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Gas Barrier Relay (single channel) Add to Basket
Picture of Gas Barrier Relay (single channel)

The 1C-GBR provides the required safety isolation between the pulse output of a gas meter and the pulse input of the Meter Logger 6C or any other data logger.

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£300.00 ex Vat
£360.00 inc Vat

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