CTI Comet USB Example Code

Due to popular demand, we have designed some EXAMPLE code showing how to interact with the CTI Comet USB using the C# programming language. It is not the complete code, it will just show you how to parse the information and connect to the unit. We have developed the following code which we will provide under the MIT Licence. (LICENCE) This means that you are free to use the code or binary as you wish however we will provide NO support for it in any way!

The code includes basic connection information including using the AutoFind software, examples of how to parse the CID information (however only number and name in this example) and displays them on a console window.

The code for this example is included below and was written using Microsoft Visual Studio Express: The project by default uses the AutoFind executable which requires the .NET framework.

  1. C# Project Source Files

Remember to include the LICENCE if you copy this code.

This code has been tested on Windows Vista and 7.

Any comments or questions, feel free to email sales@crucible-technologies.co.uk