Meter Logger Webpage Updates

Earlier versions of the webpages for the Meter Logger 100 (3 channel) and Meter Logger 6C (6 channel) only support download of monthly pulse data for years upto and including 2020. To enable support of years after 2020, the webpages need to be updated. This page provides instructions and links to updated webpages.

What Version of Webpages Do I Have?

To determine what version of webpages your Meter Logger has currently installed, you should browse to the home page of the Logger. The webpage version is shown next to the words "SW Version" or "Webpage Version" depending on the age and model of Meter Logger.

In the home page examples shown below the webpage versions are 6C-V1.1 and 1.5

Replacement Webpages File Download

Once you've determined the currently installed webpage version, locate it in the table below and then download the appropriate updated version.

Current Version New Version File Download
1.6a or 1.6b 1.6c Click here to download
6C-V1.2 6C-V1.2a Click here to download
6C-V1.1 6C-V1.1a Click here to download
V3.0a V3.0b Click here to download

Installation Instructions

After downloading the relevant file:

  1. Browse to <Meter logger IP address>/uploadnewpages
  2. Click the “Choose File” button and point to the downloaded file
  3. Click “Upload”
  4. Perform a power cycle reset of the Logger

Webpage Version Not Listed

If the currently installed version is not listed in the above table, please contact us via e-mail at quoting the current webpage version. We will attempt to generate an updated version. However for older versions, it may be necessary to perform a chargeable factory update of both the Logger firmware and webpages.