Active CID Software for Comet and Meteor

ActiveCID is a .Net component for VisualStudio.Net designed for Comet USB and Meteor Plus caller ID devices. Using ActiveCID you can quickly add the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) features of the Comet USB and Meteor Plus to any application.

ActiveCID Features

ActiveCID provides the interface to allow your application to decode the full Caller ID message. It provides the telephone number of the caller (if available) together with the date&time on the incoming call.

ActiveCID for Meteor Plus has the following additional features:

  • Monitor the progress of incoming and outgoing calls in real time
  • Log the time the call was started, answered and ended
  • Provide digits pressed during a conversation

Easy To Use

After downloading the self-extracting zipfile, extracting the contents and installing the software, you can add it to your project using the References option in VisualStudio.Net. Once ActiveCID is available in your project add it to your form, window or class and begin coding.

ActiveCID is supplied with a User Guide and a sample project for Visual Basic - copy and paste into your own application to get immediate results.


ActiveCID driver is only compatible with Visual Studio 2010 or later versions.

Established Product

ActiveCID has been on the market since 1998 and has been used in numerous applications in the UK, mainland Europe, Dubai, USA and Canada.

Crucible Technologies is a trading name of Tele-Products Ltd. For more information on Tele-Products Ltd and other trading names please click on the link.