Meter Logger - 3 input with 15 minute logging

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The ML3P-15 is a simple-to-use ethernet connected 3 input pulse data logger which accumulates pulse data in 15 minutes intervals.

Any utility meters with a volt free pulse output can be connected to the ML3P-15 and the 3 input facility means that for example gas, electricity and water usage can be simultaneously monitored.

The web interface allows consumption information to be remotely viewed and downloaded without the need to be physically close to the meters.

The unit always knows the correct time as it uses a battery backed clock. When it is unpacked all the user needs to do is to connect it to the meter pulse output and supply power. The ML3P-15 will start logging pulses. If power is lost and then comes back, the ML100 will still know the exact time and just carry on logging data into the correct 15minute time period.

The ML3P-15 can be configured to send energy consumption data via e-mail. Up to two recipients can be designated to receive either daily, weekly or monthly e-mails with the energy consumption data provided as a CSV format attachment and thus easily imported into a spreadsheet.


  • 3 inputs to connect to up to 3 different meters
  • Works with any utility meter with a volt free pulse output
  • Stores 365 days of data in non volatile memory
  • Battery backed real time clock
  • Ethernet interface for easy connectivity
  • Automatic regular emailing of energy usage data
  • Built in webpages display daily and monthly usage
  • Manual or automatic (via SNTP) time/date setting
  • Static or DHCP assigned IP address.
  • Downloadable data in CSV (Excel compatible) format

Built-in webpages

The unit has built in web pages which can be used to view daily or monthly usage profiles. Configuration settings allow for conversion between meter pulses and normal parameters e.g. 1 pulse equals 0.1 kW.

Additional Connectivity Options

If a wired ethernet connection is not conveniently located close to the utility meters, the Meter Logger can still be deployed due to a variety of other connection options including ethernet over mains and wireless networking. Click Here to download the Connection Options brochure.


The LoggerFind software is a free utility which locates any Meter Loggers connected to a network and displays the IP address of the unit(s). Simply download and execute to find your Meter Logger.

Click here to download the software

Note: The software uses the .NET framework 4 which can be downloaded here.

Power Supply

The ML3P-15 is supplied with a power supply with interchangeable plugs suitable for the UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and North America.

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