Globecall - Caller ID Simulator

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The Globecall is the ideal instrument for demonstrations, exhibitions or training where temporary access to a line with Caller ID is required.

As well as providing Caller ID simulation in a compact box, the Globecall is simple to use by non-technical personnel.

The Globecall is also useful to the engineer engaged in repair, QA acceptance testing or the installation of Caller ID equipment.

  • Multiple country specifications
  • On-hook and Off-hook Caller ID
  • Call Waiting supported
  • FSK (V23 or BELL 202) and DTMF Caller ID
  • TAS & CAS tones generated
  • Line Reversal and ringing at start up
  • Adjustable ring level with 25/50Hz option
  • Adjustable signal level
  • GLOBECALL SPECIFICATIONS - For more information then click this link to download our adobe acrobat document.

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