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The EML3Net is a combined 3-phase electricity sub-meter and data logger. Electricity usage is monitored using either just split core current transformers or current transformers and voltage taps. The EML3Net incorporates the data logger module used in the Meter Logger 100 so measured electricity consumption can be viewed over the internet, downloaded or e-mailed.

The EML3Net uses intrinsically safe 0.333VAC output split core current transformers (CTs) to measure the current flowing in each of the three incoming supply phases. CTs are available in a wide range of capacities from 80Amp to 1000Amp. The split core design allows, in most cases, for the CTs to be fitted without any disruption to the electricity supply.
Note: The CTs are not included in the EML3Net and need to be purchased separately. 80Amp and 150Amp capacity CTs can be purchased via the website. Contact us for pricing on other capacities.

The EML3Net has two modes of operation:

  1. "Balanced 3-phase" mode using CTs only
  2. "True 3-phase" mode using CTs and voltage taps

"Balanced 3-phase" Mode

In "Balanced 3-phase" mode, only CTs are fitted. The EML3Net is configured so that the mains voltage to the unit is connected to the phase 1 voltage tap connection and internally the sub-meter replicates the measured voltage to the other two phases. In this mode, changes in the other two phase voltages are not detected and power factor is not measured.

As a result the calculated energy consumption in this mode can be up to 20% in error from the energy consumption reported by a billing meter.

"Balanced 3-phase" mode is useful for detecting abnormal energy usage or for qualitatively assessing the result of energy saving measures. It has the benefit of being very simple to install the EML3Net as no supply disruption or additional electrical fittings are required.

"True 3-phase" Mode

In "True 3-phase" mode, in addition to CTs each incoming phase voltage is connected to the EML3Net. The internal sub-meter then measures the individual phase voltages and combines this with the current measured by the CTs to calculate power factor for each phase.

The sub-meter then calculates real energy (kWh) and reactive energy (kVARh). This data is then transferred to the internal data logger in the EML3Net.

"True 3-phase" mode operation results in an accurate measurement of energy consumption - typically to within a few percent of that measured by a billing meter.

Data Logger

The EML3Net uses the same data logger as the Meter Logger 100 product and as a result has identical features and functionality. Click here for detailed information on the Meter Logger 100.

Delivery Leadtime

The EML3Net is built to order so delivery leadtime will be 3-4 weeks ARO.

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