ENMAT provides affordable Energy Management, Monitoring and Targeting solutions that helps companies to monitor and reduce Carbon Emissions. Our software can be used to set the energy reduction targets you want to achieve at an affordable price.

ENMAT Provides a huge range of software dashboard interfaces to suit your needs. Energy Monitoring, Energy Budgeting, Carbon Reduction, Climate Change Levy (CCL) supporting Electricity, Gas, Water, Solar and many more!


  • Energy Monitoring - Monitoring energy such as Electricity, Gas, and water with many consumption charts to enable users to actively monitor and reduce energy usage across a single or multiple sites.
  • Energy Budgeting - ENMAT calculates usage against site(s) energy supplier tariff costs in many different formats to provide you with enhanced variance reporting graph dashboards.
  • Predicted Billing - ENMAT also predicts your Energy Bills based on your consumption data from your Smart Meter before your energy supplier sends you the bill. Allowing you to set budgets and targets throughout your financial year.
  • Tenant Billing - ENMAT can create individual tariff rates per tenant based on sub metering to each tenant. ENMAT can define landlord and or supplier tariff rates separately. The ENMAT Document Library facility allows Landlords to store Energy Invoices to tenants.
  • Carbon Reduction - ENMAT calculates energy usage into carbon emissions and displays this information into easy to view graphical interfaces to suit your needs. The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is a mandatory emission trading scheme placing several large energy monitoring and reporting burdens on organisations. The rules surrounding the scheme are complex and many organisations have failed to meet the stringent rules imposed by the scheme. Failure to comply can potentially lead to fines, civil penalties and public disclosure of non-compliance.
  • CCL Climate Change Levy - ENMAT provides Climate Change Levy Agreement Performance Tracking facilities to monitor and record specific energy consumption against set milestones. We can estimate reduction targets for future milestone periods and provide a emissions cost calculation expected performance and cost or benefit over the next future milestone periods.
  • ENMAT Apps - ENMAT supports a wide range of devices including MAC, PC and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

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